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The COPSystem has become one of the most extensively used systems of assessing interests, abilities and values in Canada. One of the features that makes this system of assessment tools so unique is the broad range of applications that it covers.

Designed for use in guiding individuals in the exploration of occupations, the COPSystem is particularly appropriate for the following applications:
- group guidance units as a starting point for exploring the world of work
- individual counselling with students or adults and with special needs individuals
- to assist students in planning their high school and post secondary career paths
- to widen occupational horizons for early school leavers by specifying occupational opportunities available to them within their particular area of interest
- as the basis of a comprehensive career search package for unemployed individuals.

The Interest Inventory (COPS) is available to meet a wide scope of needs: ranging from a simplified edition for the early grades to a professional edition for adult professionals and a pictorial assessment for the non-verbal. You select the type of inventory that will best meet the needs of your clients or students.

The Abilities (CAPS) component measures the following eight areas that have been identified as entry requirements for the majority of jobs. The Values (COPES) component helps your client or student identify traits that are of importance to them.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Scoring the COPSystem Assessments

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