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COPS-R: Career Occupational Preference System Remedial Interest Inventory

-  Range: Grades 6 – 12

-  Length: 168 items

-  Norms: Male / Female Combined

-  Administration Time: 20 minutes

-  Scoring Options: Self-scoring in 15-20 minutes


Interest Assessment for Sixth Grade through High School

-  Provide a simplified interest assessment for middle and high school students

-  Increase awareness of career options

-  Empower individuals to realize career goals


The COPS-R provides complete interest assessment and interpretation in a single, easy-to-use booklet. Scores reference the 14 COPSystem Career Clusters, which are keyed to high school and college curriculum as well as up-to-date sources of occupational information. Written at a sixth grade reading level, Form R is accessible to a wide range of people.

Product Image Item Name- Price
COPS-R Combined Self-Scoring Booklet & Self-Interpretation Guide

-  Range: Grades 6 – 12...

COPS-R Comprehensive Career Guides

-  Range: Grades 6 – 12...

COPS-R Examiner's Manual

-  Range: Grades 6 – 12...

COPS-R Technical Manual

-  Range: Grades 6 – 12...


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