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PD-Online Wellness Report

Single - $19.00 each
10 + - $17.50 each
100 + - $16.00 each
250 + - $14.50 each


The Personality Dimensions® Wellness Report is an essential tool as part of a wellbeing program. This 38 page personalized report outlines the Needs & Values, Strengths, and the take on Wellness for each of the four personality dimensions. It goes into further detail by looking at six Wellness factors - physical, intellectual, spiritual, work, emotional, and social; each section explores the approach, how Introverts & Extraverts may differ, as well as challenges & tips for improving personal Wellness.

The PD-Online Wellness Report, written by the authors of Colour Savvy, Anne Bulstrode and Susan Geary, was created with online learning in mind. The sections in the report a laid out in a modular fashion, and can be explored individually. The report leaves a lasting impact that can be saved to a device or printed out for future reference.


Click here for Sample Report (PDF)

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