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SigmaRADIUS 360 Feedback (360)

Format: Online
Order Number: SAS-100-061
Price: $275.00

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SigmaRADIUS is a powerful tool for employee and organizational development and personal change. It was designed to optimize leadership behaviour, guiding respondents toward personal and career objectives. Complex factor analysis was used to identify the 46 critical leadership behaviours for effective leadership. Competencies measured include: Interpersonal Skills, Mediation Skills, Management Skills, Business Demeanour, Innovative Skills and Dependability.


SigmaRADIUS is particularly effective because it provides recommendations on how one can optimize their leadership effectiveness. For best results, use 360 Degree Feedback with Sigma's Leadership Development Report (LDR). It is strongly recommended that 360 Degree Feedback be interpreted by an experienced coach or counsellor.


SigmaRADIUS is now online. Benefits include:

  • Easy to set up, no start-up fee
  • Powerful interface designed for corporate users and consultants
  • Can be used for developmental or appraisal purposes
  • Quickly send out instructions and reminders via build-in email features
  • Track progress of feedback providers online
  • Wizard guides users through the feedback process
  • Generate, view and print detailed reports when feedback is complete

Administration Overview

Qualification Level: B
Administer to: 18 years old and older
Administration time: 30 minutes
Number of items: 46 items
Reading Level: 5th Grade
Scoring Options: On-line
Report Length: Varies

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