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Personnel Assessment Form (PAF)

Format: Online
Order Number: SAS-000-211
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The PAF is an efficient, accurate measure of general cognitive ability designed for easy administration and interpretation. A large body of research indicates that cognitive ability is the single greatest predictor of success for virtually every job. More effective than resumes, education, references or interviews, cognitive ability testing gives you the objective information you need to make the right hiring decisions the first time. Individuals scoring high on the PAF will learn more quickly and are less prone to turnover. The PAF is an essential component of any successful hiring program.


The PAF is available in two forms. Form A contains more difficult items and is more accurate at a high range than Form C. In contrast, Form C is more accurate at the lower range of scores.


For best results, we recommend using the Personal Assessment Form (PAF) in conjunction with the Employee Screening Questionnaire (ESQ). Research indicates that cognitive ability (PAF) and personality (ESQ) are the two best predictors of job performance.

Administration Overview
Qualification Level: A

Administer to: 16 years old and older
Administration time: 15 minutes
Number of items:
21 items
Reading Level: 5th Grade
Scoring Options:
Report Length: 3 pages


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